Two Little Ducks - Part 22

Coachella - OneShot

Two Little Ducks - Part 21

Home Sweet Home - OneShot (Co-written with Undrthesstars)

You are worthy of all the love in the world ♡


Just a friendly reminder that this happened


Can Justin release just one new song please…i’m dying


April 17: Selena with fans

But Justin’s gotten so much healthier. He’s gained weight, his shoulders and chest have broadened, he grew proper muscles, he has cheeks you wanna pinch to death, he doesn’t have bags under his eyes anymore but most of all he’s happy. I can’t ask for anything else

Thought the chances to meet somebody like you were a million to one.

@justinbieber: Damn u glass walls


Dream Out Loud: Behind-the-scenes with Selena Gomez